Tour of curves

Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, Challenger: With American Muscle Cars on tour to southern Europe – fun, conviviality, sightseeing and breathtaking views of spectacular roads.
14 American cars – Mustangs, Challenger, Camaros, Corvettes.

A total of 6000 hp. Spiked engine power.
In it 23 men and five women from all over Germany.

All US car fans, most of them already half their lives. They want to drive, be on the road in a convivial round. And they would like to see something on this wonderful route, which was selected by Schweinfurt’s car dealer Roger Wendling for the driving community he has initiated: to France, Monaco, Italy.

„I felt like a little child, who can not sleep because Christmas is, tonight,“ Werner says in the morning of the departure of the specially arranged WhatsApp group.

Already after the first posted contributions and photos is clear: This is a giant fun.

Endless curve cascades on the route Napoléon and country roads.

The driving experience: If you like to drive a car, there are a lot of people, who will get to know each other and the own car on this route. This is particularly true on the route of the route of Napoléon, which is a total of 335 kilometers. This popular excursion route (Route Nationale 85) follows the route which the ruler and his troops had traversed in seven days in March 1815. It leads from the Golfe-Juan via Grasse, Digne, Sisteron and Gap to Grenoble.There, in the Outback of the Côte d ‚Azur, where cyclists or nostalgia passengers are often on the move, the colorful convoy is attracting some attention. In the villages, young men are waving on the street, making mobile phone pictures. The brachial muscle cars cope bravely with the endless narrow curve cascades of the small French country road. It’s clear now: This is no ride for beginners.
The highlights: You do not have to be a recollection freak to feel at each stop on the line, that such sights and sights are unique and will inevitably burn into your mind: for example, the view down into the Gorges of Verdon, at the bottom the Verdon River winds like a turquoise ribbon through the 700 meter deep canyon.

Or the exciting moments when the convoy, unfortunately in pouring rain, follows a short stretch on the Formula 1 circuit in the chic Monte Carlo, where the opponents Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel and co Grand Prix of Monaco.

In the ears of fans, eight-cylinder engines sound like music.
The soundcheck: Muscle Cars, that says their name, are muscle creams. And like to let their muscles play. For example, in long tunnels (there are plenty of them at this exit). If you love the sound of a powerful sports car, you will get your money’s worth. Window down, briefly intermittent, accelerate and wrrrummmm.
Some may shake their heads without understanding. In the ears of fans, however, the sounds of eight-cylinder engines sound like an opera by Verdi.

The landscape: If you are not traveling by plane but by car, you experience the change of culture and nature directly. Behind the steering wheel, the surroundings naturally pass faster than on foot or on the bike. But slowly enough to be able to perceive them deliberately: bright yellow rape fields and delicate apple trees blossoming on the route snowy alpine peaks. Accurate lavender fields and olive trees are replaced by cypresses, palm trees and lush broom bushes.

And finally the sea!

You can not get enough of this tour, which is also time out from everyday life, thrill and driving training. And you get appetite for the next trip. 
One life, live it